I was 12, I created my first website. There were no mentors or tutors, all I had was a book on HTML and JavaScript it was a self-learning exercise. It was a huge feat, back then we did not have advanced tools like WordPress, blogger and tons of other software that are available today. My curiosity towards computer and creativity started right there. I had an inclination towards self-learning since my early age.

I would always question the purpose of academic education. Does it really help someone to be successful? I published 100s of websites for colleges, schools, symposiums since then. Later I started publishing white papers during my engineering days. Being poor at academics, there was always someone to ridicule me. But I did what I loved. I was creative and innovative. Within 6 years of Diploma and Engineering combined I had read and published more white papers than the semester exams.

Today, I am an IT Leader with a decade of experience in Retail, Technology, and Branding. Through my blog, I wanted to share, learn to inspire, coach and help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses innovate and sustain in today’s competitive marketplace. Join me, together, lets innovate, inspire and invigorate.