About Siva Rajadurai

I was 12, I created my first website. There were no mentors or tutors, all I had was a book on HTML and JavaScript it was a self-learning exercise. It was a huge feat, back then we did not have advanced tools like WordPress, blogger and tons of other software that are available today. My curiosity towards computer and creativity started right there. I had an inclination towards self-learning since my early age.

My fate led me right into an IT Career as a fresher out of college. After I completed my bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering, I joined TCS as an ETL Developer. I am so fortunate to have gotten into data space so early. I became fascinated by data. Eventually data became my passion and obsession. Working with clients like Hallmark Cards and Target gave me broader exposure to so many data formats, sources and platforms. Data Integration become my home. 

Life took another fortunate turn when I joined L.L.Bean Enterprise Integration team. L.L.Bean, their culture, people are close to my heart. Leading a lean integration team that supported the entire enterprise was no small feat. But with the right team and right leadership, I enjoyed working there every single day. 

Fastforward today, my 14-year journey with data and data integration never got boring. Today I work as a senior Cloud Data Integration Architect for Humana. Through my blog, I wanted to share, learn, inspire and help you in your data engineering journey.


I will share Data Engineering Ideas thru siva.blog/ideas. I will also share my code libraries via dev.siva.blog


Join me, together, lets innovate, inspire and invigorate.