Automate Etsy Sales Data using Integromat

Updated: Dec 25, 2021


As a small business owner, you might need to know which product performs well, who your customers are and where they order from. You might need customized reporting that ETSY cannot provide. For which you need the ETSY Sales Data in a usable format. With Integromat , you can extract these data into a spreadsheet or google sheet with which you can do a number of reporting or analysis.

These reports might also help you target ads on you own domain and reduce the dependency on ETSY. In this article, lets explore how you can automate Etsy sales data to a google sheet.

The Basics

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a no-code integration tool. It lets you connect applications and automate data flow between applications without having to write any code.

What is ETSY?

Etsy is an e-commerce marketplace for unique, customized, handmade, and creative goods. As a seller you can sell any unbranded handmade products right from vintage goods to handcrafted arts.


  1. Etsy Shop - You must have a seller account, preferably with at least one sale.

  2. Integromat Account - It has a “always free” plan to get started.

  3. Google Sheet template with all the columns needed from Etsy. Here is a template you can download.

The Architecture

I highly recommend you to watch this video if you are a newbie to Integromat. Integromat Tutorial for Beginners 2021 - YouTube

Integromat is a no code integration solution and its fairly easy to use. So instead of going into the details of “How's”, I'll explain the what's

Behind the scenes Integromat uses ETSY Receipts API (Receipt - Etsy Developers ) It caches the last receipt and every time the flow executes, it pulls in a fresh list of new receipts from your shop. If thats a lot, the good part is you don't have to worry about it. However, if you a techie keep going.

So based on my design, we watch the receipts, and once we get a receipt, ie. a sales receipt, we read the receipt, get the transaction number.

As a next step we use another ETSY API called the Transactions (Transaction - Etsy Developers). Why? Receipts does not have all the product information, that you might need. so we lookup the transaction and get more information about your sale.

Now we need to write this data into Order data and shipment data. Its your choice but the way i see it is,

  1. Customer data is different from Sales data and you need to store them separately

  2. There could me more than 1 item sold and so the customer data would repeat and might make your analysis difficult.

The final step, where would you like to store it. I chose Google Sheets because, I am about to use Google Data Studio in my next idea to get some meaningful insights out of this data we have just collected. But Integromat offers tons of other options where you could store this data.


WARNING Please note that the sensitive information such as customer name, email and address are meant to be used for marketing purposes unless you have their consent. I would suggest skipping those fields and retaining only city state and zip. Abusing customer PII data can cause legal complications.



With a simple 6 step Integromat flow, you should be able to import your Sales data from Etsy to Google sheet or excel for analysis, reporting or other processing.

Step 1: Watch for new sales receipts

Step 2: When a new etsy receipt is created, look up the transaction using the Transaction Id

Step 3: Route the data to 2 different targets.

Step 4: Use an Iterator to further parse the Shipment JSON Array

Step 5: Write the Order attributes to a Google Sheet

Step 6: Write the Shipment attributes to a Google Sheet.

Hate to do it all by yourself? We can offer our service at a reasonable price competitive to other freelancers. Ask for a quote here.

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