Depression hurts, Can I come out of it?

I had a friend reach out to me to help her with the depression. This is not uncommon, in fact, in the United States alone there are at least 3 million people who are consulted every single year. And the number seems to be growing each year.

Some people tend to get confused between anxiety stress and depression. While stress is a response to a situation,anxiety is more of a reaction to the stress itself. Depression is lack interest and manifestation of low mood and feeling.

What causes this and how can that be treated? Well, There is no one reason, it can range from work pressure, peer pressure,relationships,  marriage, family, Abuse, addiction to substances like drugs, illness or even genetics. Depression is complex.

The most important thing that I look for in my clients is they’re realization of depression.  Unless and until the patient realizes that they are under depression and they need help, it is very difficult or even impossible to get them out of the situation. I have heard stories about patients being medicated without their knowledge.  some cases Antidepressant medicines are the mixed in the food they eat or in the juice the drink,  but those exercises become unsuccessful and the patient does not recover.

The basic issue with depression is hormone imbalance. Boosting the secretion of some of the mood stabilizers or “happy hormones”, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytoxin, Estrogen, Progesterone depression can be brought into control. Depression can be cured naturally, provided that the person realizes what he/she is going through and has the will to get out of it. If not, its not that easy, or even impossible.

It might be too early to identify what kind of depression someone might be going through without a detailed behavioral analysis.

Phase 1 Change in lifestyle

First, Trying to change the daily routine a bit. The patient should (I repeat, “should”)

1) 30 mins of strenuous activity 5 days a week. Your pulse rate should bump up rapidly. You hear your heart pumping? Yes right about there.

2) Food – Low carbs, low or no sugar and more egg, nuts & seeds, fish and probiotics(yogurt, kombucha), coffee. Eat the right food, these foods have the potential to boost the secretion of the hormones like Serotonin.

3) Sunlight, Expose yourself to a lot of sunlight. Captivate the healing power of sun. Stay in places where it’s bright.

4)Positive environment,  it’s difficult, but try to speak and see and be around positive people and thoughts. If need eliminate negative people from your walks of life.

Most patients see a huge progress within 3-4 weeks. What if this is not helping?

Phase 2 Take therapy sessions.

Depression not only hurts the one suffering from it, it also hurts relationships. Mindfulness techniques like yoga, mediation and therapy sessions can help with depression, regain a better & healthy lifestyle. Experts need to be consulted, so here are some of the therapy you need to try to go for

  1. IPT – Interpersonal Psychotherapy

  2. CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  3. ACT- Acceptance and commitment therapy

Phase 3 Consult a doctor for anti-depression

If none of this helped, its time to try medication.  Antidepressants medications are mood boosters that stimulate the mood hormones with the help of chemical reactions. Although they have side effects, in the long run, you will regain a better life.

Do you want to talk to someone? I can help you, feel free to contact me.

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