Success Based on Academic Education is a Myth!

Yes you read that right. How many times have you been told that you can be a successful person if you do you homework well, take good score and get a degree? Well, that is not true.  Academic education system is based on an industrial age practice to cultivate an employee or a labor mindset.  It was designed to take orders, follow orders and execute tasks assigned by your boss, in this case teachers.

Have you every thought why we are not able to create great leaders in our country? Have you ever realized why our educational system has not changed in time? Did you ever question why  Music, Sports, Painting and other Arts are not a part of our educational system? If not, this is the time to ask.

Why does a software programmer uses high-level languages like Java, Ruby & Python and not the underlying machine level language? Because that is not efficient. Hundred lines of code can be written in simple 5 liner programs in a high level language. But why are you not allowed to use tools like a calculator, instead do maths in pen and paper?

Unless you ask these questions, the academic educational system will not change! I will uncover more stores about false claims about our educational system in future posts. But in the mean time, take your time to think!

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